04 Nov 2019, 13:39

Windowed Eye

Trying out my new airbrush (iwata neo, https://hlstore.com/konstnarsmaterial/airbrush/iwata-neo-cn-hp-cn-airbrush/) and 3D printed french curves (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3046595). Only using blue color and no highlights at all, mostly just ment to see if I could pull something decent of at all and to prove to my self that this is actually lots and lots of fun and I should practice a shitload so that I could actually have some chance of creating something other then accidental bullshit. But will see where this goes.

The french curves had som odd bevel that I dont think I liked at all, and it was way to thick so that PLA didnt conform easily to pressure, think I should recreate it thinner and flatter without bevels.

Used a wooden block for streight edges, and it looks like it wasnt straight enough so imperfections can be seen in the edges that I didn't intend for. The round circles where made with the holes from a sanding disc, theese two has the problem of no beeing perfectly round and has lots of inperfections. Need to create my self some nice round templates.

Just having fun!!