17 Nov 2019, 09:39

Three skulls

In an attempt at trying to see if I could spot my errors with the first skull, I decided to make another couple of them.


The first day skull I think looks to dark, most likely just had to much fun painting everything :)


Second skull has a weird tint of green on it, was supposed to be yellowing but didn't work out at all. Also there are to circular darker spots in the eyes. The nose looks best of all three tho. Shadow along the top of the right eye is wayyyyy to straight, used one of the generic curve stencils to outline it.



Third skull has a lot more white in it, the teeth are a bit to squiggly, need to try to figure out some better stroke technique I think, supposed to move -> apply paint -> stop paint -> stop move, I totally lack control of that sequence and have no idea when the paint will come out, practice practice. Like the highlight on the left side of the left eye and nose. It also has a slight tint of red, more reading on color mixing. The "flames" at the top are just weird.

Still like this the most tho.